WTS Announces Joint Venture with Sustainable Environmental Consultants

August 27, 2012

Just before the annual awards banquet in March, Wright Tree Service finalized a new joint venture with Sustainable Environmental Consultants, an environmental consulting firm based in Kansas.

The joint venture stemmed from needs of both companies. For years, Wright Tree Service has struggled to find viable disposal options for the wood biomass left from its operations, as it far exceeds the demand for landscaping and playground mulch. Sustainable Environmental Consultants needed a local source of wood biomass for their erosion control product. The recycling of wood chips into “soxx” created the perfect partnership.

The new joint venture provides an array of commercial environmental products, including Filtrexx® SiltSoxx™ and GardenSoxx™. Sustainable Environmental Consultants is the only certified Filtrexx® manufacturer in Kansas and Iowa. In addition, the company offers compost, grass seed, turf management and consulting services.

Sustainable Environmental Consultants assists the agriculture, construction and landscaping industries, as well as engineering firms, utilities and other energy organizations to develop environmentally conscious practices that result in carbon footprint reduction, LEED certification, and more.

“This market is untapped, and the sustainability movement and its practices will only continue to grow,” said Scott Packard, chairman and CEO of Wright Service Corp. “Sustainable Environmental Consultants has unlimited potential, and we’re very fortunate to have entered into this partnership with them.”