A Culture of Safety

April 5, 2013
By Jerry Ledet, Division Supervisor, Wright Tree Service

At Wright Tree Service, safety is our number one value, and we believe it is both a personal and team responsibility. The strong safety culture instilled here reminds each of us how important our roles are. Everywhere you look, safety is at the forefront. I believe that what keeps it there is the investment and attention from the leaders of this organization.

Recently, Wright Tree Service implemented a Challenge Coin program where the CEO, President, Vice Presidents and Safety and Risk Managers give out coins when an employee goes above and beyond and exhibits our values. Our division has already earned three coins, one for an outstanding act of safety.

We also just completed our Spring Safety Challenge. Each year, Wright Tree Service has two company-wide safety-focused challenges, the spring challenge and the Turkey Safety Challenge. Employees are eligible to receive cash rewards for staying safe during the challenge. The spring challenge that ended in April served as the perfect reminder to put our “Brother’s Keeper” motto into action. Brother’s Keeper is a pledge our employees take to keep not only themselves safe but their coworkers safe too.

Finally, a huge incentive to everyone in the field each year is earning either the most improved or lowest incident rate among all divisions in our company. Winning one of these awards comes with pride, knowing that support from the top of our company and the effort from each employee made it possible. I am proud to say that my division was awarded both of those trophies in 2012, and we are working to win the trophies again this year!

From the staff at our corporate office to each crew member, all employees encourage each other to work safely, and we have a strong safety culture as a result.