Selfless Through Storms: Pentecost and Jones

October 6, 2013

Two Wright Tree Service (WTS) employees made front page headlines across the nation on Sept. 13 when they helped rescue a Boulder, Colo., resident from his flood-ravaged home.

General Foreman John Pentecost and Job Planner Nathan Jones were responding to outages for Xcel Energy when a gentleman in desperate need of help flagged them down.

Flash floods had raged through the area, leaving homes, businesses and trees destroyed. Floodwaters and mud surrounded Will Pitner’s home at the base of Boulder Canyon, preventing the handicapped man from evacuating. Pentecost and Jones jumped into action, carrying him out of his home and down the street where emergency personnel were available.

The moment was shared across the nation, appearing on the front page of The New York Times, the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minn., Star Tribune,,, and more.

“We want to recognize these two individuals, as they demonstrated selfless heroic behavior; way to represent Xcel Energy,” said Adam Pena, the company’s vegetation management supervisor, in an email to Xcel and WTS management.

John and Nathan were awarded the CEO, President and Vice President Challenge Coins for their heroic actions. “Nathan and John went above and beyond in Colorado and deserve great recognition,” said Will Nutter, president and COO of Wright Tree Service.