Division Safety Committees

March 10, 2014
by Chad Berlin, Safety Supervisor

The Southwest Division has created four safety committees that involve all work groups in our operation area. The purpose of our safety committees is to promote the goal of zero harm to all employees while improving the safety culture of Wright Tree Service.

The committee is made up of one person from each general foreman’s team, and they are selected by their peers in the field to represent their concerns and ideas for making operations safer. We rotate the representatives periodically. The committees meet in person once per month; we have two in Missouri and one each in Oklahoma and Texas.

During the safety committee we:

• Review the company incident rate and our division incident rate, to communicate how we are doing as a group and individually

• Discuss safety topics or issues in the field

• If there have been any incidents within our division, collaborate to figure out a solution that can be communicated to all of our employees

• Discuss new or updated safety information from the corporate office or division office

• Share ideas or concerns to improve communication and raise awareness of hazards in the workplace and at home

We also have a session called “What You Do” where a committee member identifies with their work group where an incident could occur in their area and how they could mitigate it.

Each Monday following the meetings, the committee members have a stand down with their crews to discuss the highlights of the meeting in an effort to improve communication and reach our goal of zero harm while improving the safety culture.

I would personally like to thank all of the committee members who have worked hard at communicating our division’s safety message and helped to make the safety committee a success!