Focused on Safety

October 10, 2014

Last year, Wright Tree Service (WTS) released the video “Safety: Our Highest Priority,” which identifies the three major risks that field employees are exposed to on a regular basis. These include falling trees and branches, falling while climbing or working on the ground, and direct or indirect contact with a power line or other energized conductor.

Kudos to the employees working on the Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) contract who worked hard as “actors” to make the video happen! The video is available in English and Spanish on the homepage.

Check out the safety video credits to see a list of employees who were involved!

This past summer, employees working on the Xcel Energy contract in the Minneapolis, Minnesota, area tried their hand at acting, with great results! A second video titled “Drop Zone Safety Awareness: Pruning and Felling” will soon be available on the WTS website. This video focuses on proper procedures for pruning limbs and felling trees, two tasks that require constant awareness in the Drop Zone.

WTS plans to introduce at least two more safety videos, each concentrating on one of the major risks introduced in the first video.