Wright Tree Service Launches Second Safety Training Video

May 16, 2015

Wright Tree Service launched a new safety training video, “Drop Zone Safety Awareness: Pruning and Felling.” This video is the second in a series of safety training videos released by Wright Tree Service to encourage safe work practices.

“Drop Zone Safety Awareness: Pruning and Felling” highlights proper procedures for pruning limbs and felling trees as a utility line clearance worker. The video reviews the planning stage of tree pruning and felling, roping techniques to control limbs and trees, and emphasizes the Wright Tree Service Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper motto. In addition, it reviews the Drop Zone and Caution Zone areas, and identifies potential hazards that may occur while working on a job site.

The video is targeted to new employees at Wright Tree Service, but is also intended to be useful for all employees as well as others in the utility vegetation management industry and the general public. “We are excited to announce our second training video, which again focuses on our company’s number one priority, safety,” said Wright Tree Service President and Chief Operating Officer, Will Nutter. “In this video, we go into more detail about leading causes of serious and fatal injuries in our industry, including Drop Zone safety, and rigging and felling techniques. Our goal is to continue educating employees and promoting safe and productive crews.”

“Drop Zone Safety Awareness: Pruning and Felling” is available in both English and Spanish at A third safety training video is set to release following. To view the first video in the series, “Safety: Our Highest Priority,” go to, and click on the Employee Resources tab.

For more information please contact Sara Harpenau at 515-271-1135 or [email protected] .