Welcome, Division 80!

October 19, 2015

Toward the start of the fiscal year, Wright Tree Service (WTS) executed a plan to restructure our territory in the southern area of the U.S., which covered our Southwest Division. This restructuring created a new division that we’re very proud to welcome to the company, called Division 80.

Historically, Southwest Division had a rich history of sustained growth and employee development, having been part of the professional career of many in the WTS management team. At one point, Southwest Division was responsible for a service territory covering projects in five states.

Division 80 now resides in what used to be the Southwest Division’s service territory, covering projects in Texas and Louisiana. The division office is located in Austin, Texas, and we’re proud to welcome a new division manager, Jesus Vetencourt, who is a tenured employee with WTS.

The mission for our newest division is to continue to provide the excellent service that WTS is known for in our industry, provide the safest and most engaging work environment for our employees, and continue to expand and grow in the area.

Jesus Vetencourt Division 80

Division Manager: Jesus Vetencourt