Nutter Receives Utility Arborist Silver Shield Award

September 1, 2016

President and COO Will Nutter received the Utility Arborist Association’s (UAA) Silver Shield Award in August. The award recognizes individuals who perpetuate and inspire safety wherever they go. These front line safety champions influence and promote safety culture at every turn. The awardee understands the importance of safety and improves the system.

Nutter was one of the first ever recipients of the UAA Silver Shield Award alongside ACRT Training Instructor Kevin Meyer. Nutter has been in the utility vegetation management industry for nearly 34 years. He is a past president of UAA and currently chairs the Safety Committee. Nutter has been a driving force over the last two years, uniting UAA members from all corners of the industry and encouraging them to roll up their sleeves to make progress as an industry in the area of safety.

Safety is always the highest value at Wright Tree Service and Nutter has been at the forefront of the company’s safety culture and commitment to safety.

Visit the UAA website for a list of all past award recipients.

Silver Shield Award