GF Safety Secrets: Spring Safety Challenge

December 7, 2016

Every Wednesday during the Spring Safety Challenge, we highlighted advice from top performing GFs who have gone incident free for many years. We wanted to recognize these individuals for their strong commitment to safety and learn from their tips, tricks and tools of the trade. We have provided a brief description of the messages shared by GFs Scott Ogden, Fidel Alvarez and Arthur Colbert.

GF Scott Ogden from Southwest Division has been working with WTS for over 24 years. He strongly encourages others to lead by example. If you treat your crews with respect, they will respect you. He teaches his crews to be professional, to never take shortcuts, and to always have a positive attitude and willingness to learn. With safety as the top priority, he takes great pride in crediting his crew for his low incident rate. See his video here.

GF Fidel Alvarez from Lone Star Division has been working with WTS for seven years. He achieves zero incidents by never turning a blind eye to unsafe behavior. If he sees someone not working safe or following an AWM, he coaches them on the proper way to perform the task. His crews are a big reason why he has gone incident-free year after year. They value the Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper motto by looking out for the safety of their co-workers. They also value their families so they can go home safely each day. See his video here.

GF Arthur Colbert from Southwest Division has been working for WTS for 24 years. While there are many things that make him a successful general foreman, he feels the most important things are communication, quality crew visits and daily safety stand downs. He takes his job very seriously, strives to go by the book, and doesn’t take or allow shortcuts. See his video here.

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