Training Tools Spotlight: A Healthy Safety Culture

December 13, 2017

By Jim Lorrigan, Safety Manager

Having a strong safety culture is the buzz phrase in today’s workplace. No matter your occupation, it should be part of your life. When I arrive at a jobsite I can usually tell within minutes if a strong safety culture is present. Let me give you an example: Picture a five-man crew working in a backyard; one person dragging brush out to the curb. He has his safety glasses hanging around his neck and no one says anything. The trimmer up in the tree has one point of attachment and no hearing protection while using a chainsaw, as the rest of the crew looks on. The chip truck parked at the curb has one wheel chock down, and one sign is set out 50 feet behind the truck. The keys are in the ignition, and the cones are dropped in a sloppy manner. There is work being completed by experienced workers, but there is no healthy safety culture in sight.

When workers recognize these unsafe work habits and safety violations and correct them with each other, only then are we on the road to developing a healthy safety culture. Employees watching out for each other, good communication between workers aloft and ground personnel, jobsite and drop zone identified and secured, all personal protective equipment being properly worn, and training and coaching being done on a regular basis without being instructed to do so – all of this indicates a strong safety culture is present.

Wright Tree Service has produced several videos that illustrate the importance of following the training provided, along with adhering to approved work methods, being your Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper, and being professional at all times. Check them out here. I assure you that you will see something new each time you view them.