New Opportunities Spark Inspiration

August 29, 2022

It was the beginning of June, and Becca Haught was starting another hot day of work in the field as a foreperson for Wright Tree Service (WTS). Once at work, Becca received a call and was informed of a workshop for women who wanted to learn more about tree climbing – both competitively and professionally. The Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop was slated for the upcoming weekend in Elfland North Carolina. The organization holds workshops all over the country that are dedicated to creating a safe, encouraging, and empowering environment to learn more about tree climbing.

The opportunity was only a few days away, but Becca decided to sign up. Even with a quick turnaround, WTS provided Becca the stepstones and resources to expand on something she was truly passionate about.

“I had no idea what to expect, but I realized as the weekend went on, I needed to take a step back and enjoy the moment, take in all the information, appreciate every experience and further my knowledge of tree climbing,” Becca shared. The workshop was filled with various topics and activities including tree climbing basics, safety, tying new climbing knots, and plenty of physical climbing.

For Becca it meant more than that. “It was the most touching, most inspiring event that I’d ever been to,” Becca commented. “The workshop furthered my knowledge about the safety of tree climbing and how I can bring that back into the field and back to my team.”

Over the course of the weekend, Becca uncovered a new passion for competitive climbing. She knew that she would start looking for ways to get her crew involved and seeking climbing competitions in her area.

“Wright Tree Service gave me the greatest opportunity to grow, figure out and expand upon something that makes me truly happy,” Becca explains. “I received this opportunity because of them, and I can’t thank them enough the continuous support.”