At Wright Tree Service, we know that our employees are the foundation of a successful business. We offer a safety focused culture with competitive pay and benefits. From entry level positions to management roles, we are committed to providing our employee owners the training and resources needed for a fulfilling career.

Wright Tree Service is currently looking for qualified and motivated individuals to fill the following positions:

There are 23 job listings.

Position City/Area State Posted
General Foreman - House Springs, MO House Springs MO 6/30/15
Line Clearance Groundmen and Trimmers-Brighton, CO Brighton CO 6/25/15
Line Clearance Groundmen and Trimmers-Greeley, CO Greeley CO 6/25/15
Line Clearance Groundmen and Trimmers-Denver, CO Denver CO 6/25/15
Line Clearance Groundmen and Trimmers-Boulder, CO Boulder CO 6/25/15
Line Clearance Groudmen and Trimmers-Conifer, CO Conifer CO 6/25/15
Groundmen and Trimmers - Zimmerman, MN Zimmerman MN 6/23/15
Groundmen - New Castle, PA New Castle PA 6/18/15
Groundmen, Trimmers and Foremen - Nashville, TN Nashville TN 6/11/15
Groundmen and Trimmers - Elkhart, IN Elkhart IN 6/5/15
Work Planner - Decatur, IL Decatur IL 6/4/15
Groundmen, Trimmers and Foremen – Black Hills, SD Black Hills SD 6/1/15
Groundmen - Muncie, IN Muncie IN 5/26/15
Groundmen, Trimmers and Foremen - Fort Wayne, IN Fort Wayne IN 5/21/15
Groundmen, Trimmers, Foremen, Skytrim and Klearway Operators - Pensacola, FL Pensacola FL 5/6/15
Groundmen, Trimmers and Foremen - Cumberland and Frostburg, MD Cumberland/Frostburg MD 4/15/15
Groundmen, Trimmers and Foremen - Williamson, WV Williamson WV 4/15/15
Groundmen, Trimmers and Foremen - Augusta, WV Augusta WV 4/15/15
Groundmen, Trimmers and Foremen- Keyser, WV Keyser WV 4/15/15
Groundmen, Trimmers and Foremen- Romney, WV Romney WV 4/15/15
Groundmen, Trimmers and Foremen - Prestonburg, KY Prestonburg KY 4/15/15
Groundmen, Trimmers and Foremen - Pikeville, KY Pikeville KY 4/15/15
Line Clearance Groundmen, Trimmers and Foremen – Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington Area Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington TX 12/10/14


To apply for a position listed above or in a location that is not listed, please fill out the form below.

If you have questions, contact the Wright Tree Service corporate office at 515.277.6291 or 800.882.1216. Please note pre-employment drug screening is required and background checks may be conducted.

Click here to download a PDF application. Once you complete the application, save the PDF and upload it to the Apply form below. Please do not use special characters or spaces in the file name.

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