With safety at the forefront, a breadth of resources at our fingertips, and a workforce more committed than any, Wright Tree Service is “Always the Wright choice.”

We provide vegetation management, storm restoration, and work planning services to utility companies and their communities across North America.

No matter the size or location of the job, our crews are well-trained, supervised and supported.  Wright Tree Service takes pride in our reputation for efficient, high quality response to our customers’ needs, no matter if the work is in urban or rural environments or related to routine maintenance or emergency response.

Wright Tree Service’s corporate office staff sets us apart from our competition, offering an unbeatable customer service experience.

A team of payroll and billing specialists are well versed in the specifics of each customer account and work closely with our information technology team to simplify the office processes we need to work through together. In an era of big data, we are ready to provide you with whatever information you need in whatever format you need.

Today’s competitive and ever-evolving marketplace demands that we work as a team to meet our customers’ vegetation management needs and keep our eye on innovation. Competitive pricing is essential, but the integrity, stability and experience of the workforce – and how they are supported – are just as important.

As employee owners, we are committed to making your vegetation management program successful.