From the Treetop: Internationalization of Wright Tree Service

October 15, 2019

By Jesus Vetencourt, Vice President of Canadian Operations

O Canada! This year marks the start of the internationalization of Wright Tree Service (WTS). On May 24, 2019, we started offering our services in the Canadian market when our company completed the acquisition of ArborCare Tree Service, a vegetation management and tree care services company founded in 1983 based in Calgary, Alberta. Post-acquisition, ArborCare became Wright Tree Service of Canada. The ArborCare name will remain when providing residential and commercial services. We currently offer our services in Western Canada, with our Canadian headquarters located in Calgary, Alberta, and satellite offices in Edmonton, Alberta and Vernon, British Columbia.

These last few months we have been working to integrate the ArborCare team to our culture and brand identity with excellent results. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable, some of them with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. I have no doubts WTS’s Canadian team will work hard to continue to deliver on the promise of our reputation: provide services with integrity and the highest level of customer service.

It is our reputation that in part made this expansion to Canada possible. Our Canadian customers only have to look south of the border to understand what our company is made of. It is also a testament to the hard work that all employees perform year-round, especially our crew employees. On behalf of the new team in Canada, thank you for helping us make this possible.

On a personal note, 13 years ago I was offered the opportunity to join our company as an inexperienced crew member in Omaha, Nebraska. I have worked in Nebraska, Iowa, Texas and now Canada, all the while I was given multiple opportunities to learn our trade and cultivate experience. I thought to mention this
because our company has been experiencing rapid expansion, creating multiple career advancement opportunities for our team members across the United States and now Canada. We have programs for training and development that can help you advance if you are willing to take on additional responsibility. I invite you
to take advantage of this great period in our company’s history; it could be you that help us expand to the next market.