From the Treetop: Wade Myers

May 19, 2013
By Wade Myers, Vice President of Operations

Traditionally, we use this space to inform you of the growth and performance of our company, and I can tell you we have achieved consistent growth that has positioned us to be successful in our industry for years to come. But as I reflect back on the last few years, I can’t help but think of the cultural growth our company has seen. It wasn’t that long ago that our service territory stopped at the Rocky Mountains to the west and the Ohio River Valley to the east. Today, we are seeking opportunities everywhere, with no boundaries to hold us back.

With this growth, we have been able to enjoy a whole new world of experiences, and some challenges, too. We have employees in Northern California and Oregon working in redwoods and Douglas firs at heights above 200 feet while employees in Florida are working with palm trees.

Our crews might be working alongside apple, orange or grapefruit orchards as well as vineyards and oceanside communities. I have also seen our crews working near wildlife including elk, buffalo, eagles and alligators. These things are in contrast to the oaks, maples, and cottonwoods, and deer, turkey and cattle that I had become accustomed to seeing on my visits with crews. Our crews in Oregon and Washington work in wet weather for months at a time, while their counterparts in the South work in 100 plus degrees for months at a time. Crews in the Black Hills of South Dakota and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado will be working in areas devastated by mountain pine beetles, while crews based near the east and south coastlines continually respond to devastating storms.

These situations have presented enjoyable challenges for me these past few years, and I have continually watched our crews rise up and meet them. As a company, we can not only expect our new employees to adapt to us. We also have to learn from them in order to succeed and grow. We have learned a lot from our employees, especially in these new areas, and in my opinion, it has made us a much better company. I know that I personally have grown, and I am excited for the next challenge to arise.

As we continue to grow, we will continue to evolve and adapt, but we will always be Wright Tree Service … a growing family!