From the Treetop: Steve Pietzyk

October 19, 2014
by Steve Pietzyk, Vice President of Operations

As the WTS division map proves, the company continues to expand. In the past two years, WTS has moved east and south, from Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee to Louisiana and south Texas. Expansion isn’t a quick process, however. Before we move into these regions, many things must be evaluated.

How does the new work fit in with our current contracts? How are we going to staff the operation? What equipment is available in the area?

Before bidding on a new contract, we carefully assess our company internally to make sure we have the resources to take on a new area and still focus on our highest priority: safety.

Hiring knowledgeable safety supervisors, project managers and GFs is crucial, but each and every employee plays a key role. Building a sense of camaraderie and strong relationships within each crew creates a safe and comfortable work environment for everyone to grow and thrive in.

Proper equipment also needs to be provided. WTS employees must be assigned the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and be accountable for operating all equipment safely. Providing in-depth training is also very important. From new hire safety orientations and safety training days to weekly tailgate meetings and safety challenges, we pride ourselves on our employees working safely and taking safety practices home after work.

As WTS continues to expand our operations, we continue to focus on employee retention and giving all employees the opportunity to advance within our organization. In 1982, I started with WTS as a groundman. I was later promoted to GF, division supervisor, division manager and operations manager, and am now one of two vice presidents of operations. WTS counts on each and every employee to help the company succeed, just as each employee counts on the WTS team. Together we lead a safe and thriving workplace.