We SALUTE to Safety

December 7, 2016


This spring, Wright Tree Service challenged all employees to a contest to develop a mnemonic technique that would help our climbers remember the proper tools and equipment needed to climb a tree.

We were overwhelmed by the number of entries received. The creativity and originality put into each entry was beyond our expectations. It was great to see our people work together to produce a safety focused message that we can share with the entire company and hopefully the entire industry.

After thorough review of all entries by our panel of judges, we SALUTE our winners from the Fleet Department: Kevin Fitzpatrick, Alan Mace, Matt Lair, Stephanie Burkman and Bill Glover. You can find a graphic that represents their submission above. A big congratulations and thank you goes out to the Fleet Department for their creativity and dedication to our company’s safety culture!

As you can see in the graphic, the acronym SALUTE stands for safety, attitude, landing, uniform, time and equipment. We are rolling this safety initiative out in stages to all divisions across Wright Tree Service and Wright Tree Service of the West as a reminder to follow these steps before you climb. Stay tuned for more information about how we will be incorporating this into our company’s safety program going forward.

In an effort to continue building our strong safety culture we have rolled out a new monthly safety e-blast called “SALUTE to Safety.” This email will include important messages and reminders, as well as the upcoming month’s tailgate topics. This email will continue to evolve and we will share different messages in each edition. We hope that it will be a way to spread positive safety messages and continues to build our safety culture.