Wright Tree Service Launches “Fall Hazard Awareness” Safety Training Video

August 16, 2017

Wright Tree Service launched a new safety training video, “Fall Hazard Awareness.” This video is the fourth in a series of safety training videos released by Wright Tree Service to encourage safe work practices and emphasize the importance of safety in the utility vegetation management industry.

“Fall Hazard Awareness” discusses several steps to follow to avoid falling while working on a jobsite. The video highlights a pre-job survey to identify potential hazards, proper tie in at all times, proper footing, three points of contact when entering or exiting a piece of equipment or vehicle, and emphasizes the Wright Tree Service Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper motto.

The video is targeted to new employees at Wright Tree Service but is also intended to be useful for all employees as well as others in the utility vegetation management industry and the general public.

“Wright Tree Service is proud to release our fourth safety training video, said Will Nutter, president and chief operating officer. “Our entire safety video series is intended to provide consistent training to employees on subjects that directly relate to the hazards they could encounter when on a jobsite. We are excited to release it to our employees and continue putting a strong emphasis on our company’s number one value of safety. Our goal is to continue educating employees so they can go home safe.”

“Fall Hazard Awareness”, along with the entire Wright Tree Service safety training video series, is available in both English and Spanish at A fifth safety training video is set to release in 2018.