Connecting Communities

October 17, 2023

Wright Tree Service (WTS) is excited to help usher in a new era of connectivity in eastern Kansas! KWIKOM is spearheading construction of a new fiber network in Ottawa and Wellsville, with more work beginning soon in Williamsburg and Homewood. This project will deliver high-speed internet to residents and businesses in the area.

Our specialized boring and plowing equipment will be utilized for fiber-optic cable installation. Operations Manager Blaine Flory represented Wright Tree Service at the groundbreaking ceremony last month.

“WTS is proud to be a part of bringing super high-speed internet to Ottawa and the surrounding communities,” Blaine said. “We look forward to this partnership with KWIKOM and hope to assist in all aspects of system installation.”

Every day, we help our customers deliver reliable connectivity to thousands of residents in communities across North America. We are proud to partner with KWIKOM in this journey and continue to serve the greater Franklin County area.