Wright Tree Service Spreads Holiday Cheer in Puerto Rico

January 23, 2018

Over the holidays, the group of 55 employees working to restore power in Puerto Rico after the territory was devastated by Hurricane Maria decided to take things into their own hands. Employees raised nearly $6,000 to purchase presents for children and their families during the holidays. Employees bought toys and bikes, and wrapped all of […]


Wright Tree Service Employees Assist in Puerto Rico Power Restoration

January 18, 2018

On November 12, 55 Wright Tree Service employees departed Lubbock, Texas (pictured below) to assist in the Puerto Rico power restoration efforts. Puerto Rico lost power when Hurricane Maria made landfall in September. The employees are from Kentucky, Tennessee, Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma and comprise of one safety supervisor, one project manager, three general foremen, […]


jim lorrigan

Training Tools Spotlight: A Healthy Safety Culture

December 13, 2017

By Jim Lorrigan, Safety Manager Having a strong safety culture is the buzz phrase in today’s workplace. No matter your occupation, it should be part of your life. When I arrive at a jobsite I can usually tell within minutes if a strong safety culture is present. Let me give you an example: Picture a […]


rick bonifas

From the Treetop: Rick Bonifas

November 29, 2017

By Rick Bonifas, Regional Manager Our core values are the very compass that has guided our company’s great history and will continue to drive our successful future. Our core values form the cornerstone on which we perform work and conduct ourselves. In an ever-changing world, core values are constant. The values bring meaning to how […]


Wright Tree Service Safety Training Video Series Complete

August 24, 2017

Wright Tree Service has a series of safety training videos on the three main hazards employees will encounter on a jobsite. The goal of the three main hazards video series is to encourage safe work practices and emphasize the importance of safety in the utility vegetation management industry. These videos are targeted to new employees at […]


Wright Tree Service Launches “Fall Hazard Awareness” Safety Training Video

August 16, 2017

Wright Tree Service launched a new safety training video, “Fall Hazard Awareness.” This video is the fourth in a series of safety training videos released by Wright Tree Service to encourage safe work practices and emphasize the importance of safety in the utility vegetation management industry. “Fall Hazard Awareness” discusses several steps to follow to […]


14 Wright Tree Service Employees Complete GF School in June

June 30, 2017

In June, Wright Tree Service (WTS) held its weeklong General Foreman School (GF School). Fourteen field employees gathered at the corporate office in West Des Moines, Iowa, for GF School. Attendees participated in various trainings and presentations to learn more about elements that affect their jobs as employees of the company, such as accounting, safety, risk, […]


Training Tools Spotlight: Maintaining a Safe Work Zone with Traffic Control

June 13, 2017

By Jeff Gilmore, Safety Supervisor Every day we face many potential hazards associated with our job, and vehicular traffic is at the top of the list. Combine vehicular traffic with distracted driving and you have a recipe for disaster. We must do everything we can to keep our workforce safe. This can be done by […]


Jerry Black

From the Treetop: Jerry Black

May 18, 2017

By Jerry Black, Regional Manager I’m quickly approaching two decades working for our company, and I would like to use this opportunity to reflect on a concept I care deeply about: diversity of ideas. Whether you have been with us for a week or 30 years, we can all agree that our company has experienced multiple […]


Scott Smith

Listening to Your Safety Conscience

May 10, 2017

By Scott Smith, General Foreman Recently, I was reviewing a new jobsite with two of my job planners. I dropped them off on opposite sides of the street to scope out the area, and we planned to meet up at the end of a cul-de-sac. Meanwhile, I received a phone call, so I pulled over. […]